Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Pictures 2011

In October we did family pictures with my talented friend Jen Fauset. We did trade and I shot her family in Park City and she shot ours downtown. I just barely got around to editing them this morning. 6 months later.. no big deal. They turned out just the way I wanted. Bright, candid and fun.


Britney said...

These are beautiful! Your gorgeous Jen. Thanks for sharing.

And congrats on your pregnancy! Sorry you've been sick!

Jordan said...

Love every single one of these!

Anonymous said...

Proof two dark haired people can produce blonds:)

Megan Marie said...

oh my heavens, i can't handle all of the sweetness!!! i don't know whether to giggle or shed a happy tear for such a lovely family!

the ones with all of you piled on a blanket together! love loveeee!