Sunday, March 6, 2011


if you know me, you know my love for white. in fact I've had a few friends and family actually give me a little grief for it. ha ha. you don't even want to know how much money I've spent on white spray paint this past month. there is just something about a bright white room that makes me feel cheerful, happy and relaxed. im the same way with natural light. first thing i do in the morning is go through the house and open all the blinds. i love a bright cheery home. i would have my entire house with everything in it white if i could.. that will never happen with having boys, but a girl can dream.

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Nicole Lawrence said...

All I saw in those pictures, were places that my boys could stain the rugs, spill on the bedspreads, and color on the walls.

I do the same thing with the blinds in the morning. I feel like I'm living in a cave if I don't....and wasting energy by using lights when there's perfecting good natural light outside. I'm kinda weird, I guess.